Here you find elastic in various kinds, widths and colours. Which one of the alternatives that suits you the best is depending on your sewing project. 

Usually our regular elastic is used for waistband, belts and cuffs, buttonhole elastic for adjustable elastic, fold over elastic for finishing trims, elastic cord for drawcords, elastic thread for smocking and shirring, lace- and ruffled elastic for decorating and elastic shoulder strap for straps.

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Our regular elastic is suitable for elastic waistbands, belts and cuffs on garments. The narrow elastics are suitable for apparel items, underwear, doll clothes, face masks, scrunchies and shoe laces. There are also patterned elastic that are perfect as decorative waistbands on panties, boxers trousers, bralettes, pants, leggings and skirts.

Buttonhole elastic is suitable for waistbands and straps that must remain adjustable, for example on aprons, cloth diapers, children's and maternity clothes.

Fold over elastic is perfect for finishing trims and straps on bras, tops, panties, cloth diapers and other garments. It is also popular for creating decorative hairties, headbands and bracelets.

Elastic cord is often used as drawcords and straps on fashion clothing or sports wear. It is also suitable for other projects and accessories like hair ties, stretch bracelets, headbands and shoelaces.

Elastic thread is perfect for smocking and shirring, as well as general dressmaking. It is also popular when creating simple bracelets, party hats and masks, since it can be tied into a knot without the need for clasps.

Lace- and ruffled elastic is ideal for decorating lingerie, bras, panties, panty girdles, underskirts and for decorating other apparel.They are also popular to use for doll's costumes, jewellry, scrapbooking and hair accessories.

Elastic shoulder strap is suitable as straps on bras, tops, dresses and nightgowns.

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