Sewing Machine Needles

In our collection of Schmetz sewing machines needles you will find universal needles, jersey needles, twin needles, stretch needles, jeans needles, leather needles, anti glue-needles and overlock needles.

Did you forget what kind of needle you have in your sewing machine?  Schmetz needles have colour codes that enable easy and quick identification of them. You can find the colour overview here.

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Universal needles are the standard needles that are ideal for woven fabrics and are used for clothing, qulting and embroidery. 

Jersey needles have a medium ball point, which makes them perfect for knitted fabrics like jersey, interlock and lycra. 

Twin needles are the double needles that you use to get two seams next to each other, with a zickzack seam on the back. 

Stretch needles are suitable for jersey, interlock, lycra and other elastic or knitted fabric. The point is rounded to avoid piercing the fibers and avoid skipped stitches.

Jeans needles have a medium ball point which helps them penetrate thicker fabrics like denim without breaking, being damaged or sewing skip stitches.

Leather needles have a spear point that helps them pierce fabrics like leather, pleather, oil cloth, pvc and other heavy non woven syntethic materials.

Anti Glue-needles have a non-stick coating which ensures that less adhesive residue sticks to the needle when sewing in self-adhesive fabrics, temporary spray adhesives or self-adhesive hook and loop. 

Overlock needles are designed to fit in overlock machines

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