Here you will find zippers of many different kinds, lengths and colours. 

The closed-end ones are perfect for pants, skirts, dresses, overalls, bags, cushion covers, shoes and cosmetic cases. Of these, there are also the ones that are invisible and becomes hidden in the seam.

Of open-end zippers there are one-way separating that are suitable for jackets, cardigans and vests, but also two-way separating that are perfect for clothing where it should be possible to open the zipper from the bottom as on longer cardigans, jackets and vests.

Zipper by the meter gives you the possibility to to custom make your zippers in the length you need for your projects. These are ideal to use when the zipper should have a closed end, for example in pants, skirts, dresses, cushion covers, tents, bedding, shoes, bags and cosmetic cases.

  • Price range

  • Manufacturer 821

  • Show only 1216

  • Color 1364

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  • Material 1249

  • Zipper - Length 1284

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  • Thickness 1284

  • Zippers - Open-End/Closed-End 1284

  • Zippers - One-Way/Two-Way 1284

  • Zippers - Kind 1284

  • Size 47

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